Photography Credits in 2017 Photographer’s Market

It has come to our attention that the photography credits for the 2017 Photographer’s Market article “Fine Art Photographers: Top Strategies for Finding Gallery Representation” by Kara Lane were incomplete. We do apologize to her and to photographers Tenna Merchent and Peter Konshak for this oversight.

Below are the correct captions and credits for the photos in this article:

Chapel at the Tower
from page 85
Chapel at the Tower, created by award-winning photographer Tenna Merchent, was accepted into the General Collection of the PPA and placed 3rd at the Indiana State Fair.

from page 87
Photographer Peter Konshak created this image of Guanajuato, Mexico, and exhibited the photo at the Carmel Clay Public Library (an alternative space).

Rain Delay
from page 89
Fine art photographer Tenna Merchent’s Rain Delay photo was accepted into the esteemed Loan Collection of the PPA’s International Photographic Competition.

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